For the premiere issue of Ovation, our photographer Marc Serota photographed the Emmy-nominated stunt coordinator and performer Jahnel Curfman in the streets of downtown Atlanta for the stunning images in that story. Read it here.

The Rendezvous: “We met in front of the Elliott Street Pub and Inn, a 160-year-old building that used to be a speakeasy where Ella Fitzgerald performed.”

The Team: “Her stunt coordinator came up to me and said, ‘What do you have in mind?’ I said, I want her jumping out of that window into this alley. He says: ‘Okay, let me go get the mats.’ I said to Jahnel, I love this guy! And she says, ‘He’s my husband.’”

The Subject: “Everything I threw at her she pulled off. I said, I want it to look like you’ve been in a fight, and you’re in a red ballroom gown running up the street after someone. She said, ‘Okay, where?’ Then it was: Can you jump off the loading dock, do a complete flip in the air, but jump right here so you’re against the sky? ‘Yes.’ We go four or five times, and boom we make an incredible shot. That’s pretty much how it was working with Jahnel: Ask and you shall receive. She’s just a pro.”