Cam Newton shoot V3_Moment
In this video, Ovation photographer Marc Serota recalls all the details that when into the cover shoot with NFL superstar and cigar connoisseur Cam Newton.
Lions Panthers Football
The Carolina Panthers quarterback opens up about his career, his passions, and his new hometown venture.
Brookes Koepka_Vault Media Group PGA TOUR book
With 500 20-by-20-inch pages of stunning images, the new book is a portable PGA TOUR museum.
Los Angeles Football Club stadium_0
Among LAFC’s 31 owners are Will Ferrell, Magic Johnson, Peter Guber, Mia Hamm, and Nomar Garciaparra.
Jay Glazer trains at Unbreakable Performance. West Hollywood, California
The NFL broadcaster, MMA trainer, and Unbreakable owner takes a bare-knuckle approach to business and life, which has a unique way of building up everyone who's life he touches.
Discussing today’s sports collectibles, these leading specialists divulge what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s a worthwhile investment.
Griffin twins at Ovation Super Bowl party
The Seattle Seahawks' duo Shaquill and Shaquem Griffin discuss writing a book together, their new diets, and what actor should play them on the big screen.
Bret Saberhagen American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament
Two-time Cy Young Award winner and former World Series MVP Bret Saberhagen takes us on a swing through the American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe.
The Spanish tennis star plans to make the catamaran his new home away from home in Mallorca.
Jay Glazer MVP foundation_YouTube
Merging Vets and Players was founded on the premise that ex-soldiers and ex-pro athletes share a common bond as people who have done incredible things but who often struggle to adjust to daily life afterward.


Jahnel Curfman behind the scenes video Ovation

Capturing Hollywood Action with Super Stunt Woman Jahnel Curfman

Get a behind-the-scenes look at photographing one of Hollywood's hottest stunt women for Ovation's premier issue.



0_Los Cabos Mexico Real Estate Buyers Guide

Los Cabos Real Estate Buyer’s Guide

Because the real estate options at the bottom of Mexico's Baja peninsula can be overwhelming, we offer a compilation of suggestions.

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The Unwritten Rules Of Supercar Ownership

Owning a supercar comes with a list of manners and etiquette, some of which are hard and fast rules, while others are guidelines to help avoid embarrassment.