Getting a private jet anywhere in the world and at a moment’s notice has gotten incredibly easy thanks to the rise of charter apps and jet-card companies. But the one aspect of private aviation that has yet to go totally private is the terminal. Whether you book through NetJets, JetSuite, or any of the many brokers out there, chances are you’ll end up in the same FBO waiting room, searching for your pilot and crew—not an ideal scenario for high-profile passengers. With those customers in mind, the private-aviation firm Jet Linx is expanding its network of dedicated lounges across the country.

Jet Linx private terminal in Houston

Jet Linx, which launched in 1999 with a single location in Omaha, Nebr., has grown to be one of the largest jet-management firms in the United States. Today, the company’s members enjoy more than 100 aircraft and 18 dedicated departure locations, including Austin and New York, both of which debuted in September. More locations—including Los Angeles, San Diego, and Fort Lauderdale—are coming next year.

At each of these Jet Linx hubs, clients can expect a private terminal with a lounge and on-demand conference space, as well as food and beverages catered to their preferences. Concierges are also at the ready in each city to ensure seamless arrivals and departures, promising a truly private trip all the way.