As a teacher, it’s hard enough to reach a regular teenager—but try a 16-year-old model with millions of social media followers and a monthly income that’s more than most educators make in an entire year. That’s where Novel Education Group comes in. The L.A.-based tutoring and college-prep agency creates bespoke curricula for K–12 students, especially those accustomed to the spotlight.

Novel Education Group founder Tiffany Sorya.
(Photo by Jeff Cleary)

Novel’s founder, Tiffany Sorya, spent years working as a tutor through home­schooling agencies and noticed there were insufficient options for students balancing their education with acting, music, and other careers. “I quickly realized that nobody specifically served this demographic of people who live unconventional lifestyles,” she says. “The only way to reach these types of students is through a highly privatized, tailored service.”

Novel, which employs more than a dozen teachers and partners with accredited institutions like Laurel Springs School, lets its students work at their own speed, adjusting the curricula to fit their schedules and teaching them life skills they might not find in a more conventional homeschooling environment. For some, the structure is similar to a traditional school day; for others, it might focus on one subject at a time for weeks or months. “As long as all of their work is completed within our regular school year,” Sorya says, “we can go at whatever pace makes sense for the student and in whatever order.”

Novel’s methods have proved successful for everyone from Kylie Jenner, now reportedly the world’s youngest billionaire, to Dr. Dre’s daughter Truly, who will be attending USC this fall. Sorya’s alumni also include a Juilliard graduate who went on to become a record producer and a model who attended fashion school and now has a successful career in the industry. They’re all proof that education really is the passport to the future—whether they have a million followers or not.